Who Am I?

I am Andy Yang, a 22 year-old young chap full of dreams. I left my 9 to 6 job in my family’s business because I felt that there is more to life than sitting in front of a desk all day. You see, I believe that society has it wrong when it comes to work/life balance. In school, we are taught to get a job in the corporate world and trade our hours for the dollars; this is what most education system in the world instilled in us.

The Thirst For Knowledge

Photo By: Wahid Raziullah

Photo By: Wahid Raziullah.

During free time, I enjoy listening to podcasts by successful entrepreneurs and life coaches. That’s right! I replaced music with podcasts because I find that time is better spent listening to inspiring episodes rather than bobbing my head back and forth to electro dance music.

In the “virtual” world, I devote my time studying and researching about entrepreneurship, online businesses and minimalism.

In the “real” life, I am pursuing my passion in teaching, to become a trained, qualified educator.

Three times a week, I attend night classes from 7pm to 10pm, pursuing my Bachelor in Business.

My Goal

My goal is to share the knowledge I gained through research as well as trial and error so that everyone can have first hand information on what works and what does not. I love sharing information and knowledge, because I believe in adding value and making a difference in others’ lives. If my blog can help you trigger your inner self to make a difference in your life, to inspire you to achieve your goals, making your dream a reality; that would be the most amazing gift for me.

With The $10 Start Up Blog, I am going to show you how I started my online business with just $10, and how you can replicate this model and turn it into a successful business for yourself.

Join me on this journey towards financial freedom, becoming the New Rich!


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