To Win a MacBook Air


For the $10 Start Up Blog to be up and running smoothly, I need a proper functioning workstation.  

You see, I don’t come from a very well to do family, but I am lucky enough that my parents can still see me through university. I am currently using a tablet to do my blogging and school work. Can you imagine the speed it is moving at, coupled with the low productivity of typing on a touch screen?

Furthermore, I cannot install to gain access to all the amazing plugins.

With a proper functioning laptop, I can start developing the $10 Start Up Blog on, registering my own dot com! Furthermore, I can work on a business idea that has been running wild in my mind, which I can’t take action because I don’t have the right tools.

Somehow, my prayer was answered.

My Chance Is Now!

While I was walking to the school library yesterday, I stumbled upon a poorly designed, unappealing ad, promoting an iBook writing Competition. Despite its aesthetics, my eyes were glued to it.

iBook Author Competition

iBook Author Competition

Winner gets a 13″ MacBook Air. Enough said.

This is my chance. My chance to own an amazing workstation, a masterpiece from Apple.

My Game Plan

A great mentor I had (he still is my mentor in a way), Eddie, once told me, “if you want something bad enough, you will do anything and everything to get it. Its the law of attraction.”

This is how I am going to do it:

  • Research a selected topic like crazy from now and pen down, in point form, the things I want to mention in the book.
  • Over the weekend, I am going to type out the content in proper paragraphs and finish writing my book draft. I will also include photos and maybe a video (if it applies, because it is one of the requirements set by the committee).
  • By Sunday evening, I will get my brother to proof read my book, I will proof read it once more, get another friend to proof read it.
  • On Wednesday, I will attend the iBook writing workshop, to look at what other requirements they are asking for, what factors are they looking out for in selecting their winner.
  • Edit the book according to their requirement.
  • Once done, I will submit my work (upload to Dropbox) and pray for the best to happen.

Ideally, I win myself a MacBook Air and start writing amazing eBooks for the internet.

If not, a 2nd place is not too bad (its an iPad).

Worst case, I walk away with the experience of writing an eBook from scratch. This will come in handy for my upcoming eBook, The $10 Start Up, How I started my Online Business with Ten Dollars. Additionally, I would’ve also attended a free iBook writing course which would’ve cost me some money!

Anyone reading this, wish me luck!


Andy Yang


Let me know what you think!

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