My MacBook Quest


The law of attraction says that by focusing on either positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.

This makes total sense. Think about it: if you want something real badly, you will do everything you can, put in all of your effort and give everything within your means so as to increase the probability of you achieving the results/goal.

This is a follow up post of To Win A MacBook Air¬†and if you haven’t read it, you can click on the link to see that post.

Everything is right on track. I have completed a draft version of the book, accompanied with pictures I got off the internet. To me, the book looks great but it still feels like something is missing. I don’t have the expertise in designing the aesthetics of a book and maybe that’s what’s missing.

Content wise, I found out that the word limit is “about 500” and so I did about 750 words. It is so difficult to bring it down to 500! Will try to though. Nevertheless, I feel that my content is pretty well written. Let’s see what the judges say during the briefing on wednesday.

Time is running out and I can hear the MacBook calling for me.

Stay tunes for the next update!


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