My Progress in Blogging and iBook Writing


This is a follow up to my previous post, My MacBook Quest.

That’s right. I did it. I submitted my iBook for the iBooks Author Competition. I also have some directions in my online business!

Analysis: I think my content is pretty decent. The interactive media inside is quite amazing (didn’t think I could do it). I went for the workshop and did a quick glance across the room and counted about another 12 people present for the competition. Hopefully they are the only ones in the competition so I would stand a better chance of winning!

For my $10 Start Up Blog, I am currently working on the email opt in form. Got to get enough content up before I start getting subscribers. I want to give my subscribers quality content and there is no short cut to it!

Here’s what I will do: If I win the iBooks Author Competition, I am going to make the iBook available for free to my email subscribers. Additionally, I will do up a video or blog post about how to go about writing a Winning iBook!

To all my followers, thank you guys for following my blog, helping me to reach 20 followers in such a short time!

I need your help this time. I am looking to make this blog a .com and I need some help to decide on the name of the website.

Should it be or I know the difference is just the “the” but its driving me crazy.

Do drop a comment below and let me know which of the name you think is better! You will get a shoutout on my next blogpost! Oh, and if you would like me to do a guest post, feel free to drop me a comment and I will contact you!


4 thoughts on “My Progress in Blogging and iBook Writing

  1. Lose ‘the’.
    In my opinion, I think its not very nice to say
    “Visit me @
    In contrast to “”

    Also, when people talk about it, it’s gonna be like
    “Hey, have you checked out the new ‘tendollarstartup’ blog post?”

    If its with ‘the’? I think you know what I mean already lol.

    Plus, your abbreviate is gonna be TTDSU instead of TDSU. Looks nicer with just 4 letter.

    Still, it’s your choice bud, I hope you get one that you are happy with!


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