1 Thing I Learnt From Quitting My Job


If you read my About page, you will know that I left my family business to pursue my passion.

It is not just about me pursuing passion. It is about having the time to live.

In our first world society, we are taught to work like slaves and only being able to relax over the weekends (sometimes only on a Sunday, if not none) and people are okay with that. We are all caught up with chasing after the pay check, so much so that we forgot to live.

Yes. To live. Live life. To live life, we need time. We must have time for ourselves to do what we like, to slow down and appreciate things around us.

It really does not matter how much you earn. $10k a month, $100k a month, if you are earning that much money by trading your hours away, you are not living. Unless if you really enjoy doing what you are doing, then good for you! The truth is, most of us don’t.

Earning $100k a month makes you financially wealthy, being able to buy almost whatever you want. Dine in the best restaurant, wear the best sneakers, drive the fastest car; but imagine the amount of time you have to really enjoy all these things. Not a lot of time eh?

To really live, you want to experience life. dining in the restaurant with your client is not what you want. To have home cooked meals with your loved ones and friends, that is life. Being there for your loved ones when they need you, experiencing and sharing moments of your lives together, that is life.

I don’t regret leaving the business. Even though I fell out with my brother, I am sure we will be back to how we were again. Although I am not drawing a fixed income now, I am happy. I have time to do what I enjoy doing, to blog and to write. Without a 9am to 8pm job, I can actually take a slow walk at the park and people watch.

What I learnt from quitting my job: Life is so much more than 9 to 5. Experience life as it should be.


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