2 iPhone Apps That Can Improve Productivity and Efficiency In Your Daily Life

iPhone Voicenote

Most of us find ourselves almost full dependent on our smart phones these days that it is impossible to leave your home without it. While we try to keep our phones as private as possible, work and other commitments will find their way into our private space. So what are the apps available on your iPhone, that are able to help you manage your life?

Here are 2 iPhone apps I personally use to organize my emails and notes for all the projects I have on hand right now.


Honestly, I have deleted this app from my phone before because the initial stage of understanding how to effectively use it, it was just not friendly.

Decided to give it a 2nd chance after hearing a lot of podcasters recommending it.

Presently, I am very happy with Evernote. It is an app which lets you store all your notes, photos and scans that you might need for future references. The best feature I use the most is the notebook feature.

Evernote allows you to create notebooks for different purposes. You can title the notebooks and organize your stuff. Example, I have notebooks for school, work, $10 Start Up blog post ideas, business ideas; you get my point.


I am a huge Apple fan. That doesn’t mean I can’t support another giant’s great innovation!

The gmail app on iPhone is amazing because it is able to provide you a mobile version of the gmail interface, allowing your inbox contents to be categorized into things like updates, promotions, social and primary mails. This way, you will be able to only look at emails you deem important, without having to filter through all the shopping mailing lists you subscribed.

Apart from applications, the latest introduction of smart texting is an interesting concept. It is supposed to make typing much faster and convenient with the help of the predictive technology to pick the most likely words you are going to use. Personally, it took me awhile to finally get the hang of it. It was easier texting as per usual but now that I got used to it, smart texting can be quite handy.

*try pressing on the first words that appear and it will form a ridiculous string of words.*

If you do not have these applications, do try them out and I guarantee they will come into good use.

Are you already using them? If you are (especially Evernote), do share with me how you utilize it to help improve your daily routines!\

If you are looking for good reads to further inspire and improve yourself, you can read my post on the recommended books I personally read and found useful.

Thanks for reading!


Let me know what you think!

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