What is Luxury?


If you haven’t read 1 Thing I Learnt From Quitting My Job, please do so before reading this post!

So I was talking about how society turned us into robots, working long hours to earn the income to “enjoy” life. To people, earning enough money will then equate to luxury, to a better life.

I caught up with a friend of mine last weekend. His name is Robin and he runs a children entertainment business and is doing really well. I knew him when he first started his business and seeing how he grew the business, I am really proud of him!

So here’s the catch: He recently bought a BMW convertible with 4 years left before it is going to the junkyard (cars in Singapore has a lifespan of 10 years) and because of the high cost of owning a vehicle in Singapore, he paid $80k for the car.

“I’ve worked so hard for the past 5 years. It’s time I reward myself.”

That’s what he said.

Everyone agrees that, at age 22, being able to afford your own BMW, you are one heck of a successful dude.

But one everyone don’t see, is that Robin works almost everyday of the week with no rest. Running all over Singapore doing magic shows for children over the weekend, its hectic. Trust me, I was a children entertainer too.

The amount of time Robin invests in his business is huge. That is the downside.

Robin doesn’t have time for himself. He does not have time to take an off day to sit back and relax. His mind is always at work, thinking about emails and shows coming up on the following week.

He does not have time to enjoy BMW.

He paid $80,000 for a car which will be gone in 4 years. The amount of time he gets to drive it is probably less than the amount of time he spends driving his company van.

A BMW is a luxury, I agree. But think about it: What is luxury?

No doubt, Robin is earning 5 figures a month. People see it as “wow this guy is rich!” But really, does earning 5 figures a month really equate to rich?

Rich should not be defined with monetary value. In fact, money should not be chased after so as to achieve a “rich” life. Money should act as a supporting pillar to help you lead a “rich” life.

Leading a rich life shall be discussed on another post as it will be too long to be included here.

Ultimately, what I am trying to say here is, my friend is earning quite a sum of money but a lot of times I see him complaining about how difficult life is. Earning tons of money does not make you happy. If you have this mind set, drop it. Money is only one of the tools to make use of to lead a happy life.


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